I wrote a while back about How I Have Achieved iPod Nirvana, which got a lot of Stumbles and a few comments (I wish more of you would comment!); in that post, I talked about using Media Monkey to manage my music library and iPods, and installing Floola and CDEx on my iPods to enable two-way synchronization and ripping a CD without using (or even having) iTunes.

Now, it seems as though Songbird has reached a level of maturity that requires that I try it (again -- hated it the first time around). If it does the things it promises, then I think we've got a serious contender on our hands, all for the low, LOW, LOW price of FREE! Songbird is free, open-source, from the Mozilla folks and it promises to be a great replacement for iTunes, offering much of the same capability, with some of its own new functionality, both native to the app and with the use of add-ons.

Check back here in a few days for a first-impression review. Time permitting, I'll get to play with Songbird for a few days and tell you what I think. It looks like you'll need to keep doubletwist, Floola and CDEx on your iPod, if you want that functionality.

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  1. The Net of Inter // 5:32 PM  

    i've been hearing more and more about it too recently. when you get around to it, let us know what are the new features and how much it's compatible with ipods. thanks.

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