Using Free Data Backup Program Trials

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There are a couple of ways to find the best free data backup program for you.  The first is to limit yourself to finding free data backup programs.  There are a lot of them and many are safe and easy to use.  However, they don’t have many of the advantages of a paid back up service, which is why they are free to begin with.  In order to get the service, many people use free trial periods of paid backup software.

For Only A Couple Of Computers

Free data backup programs are only recommended for personal use or for very small businesses that have up to three computers.  They aren’t equipped to handle the great volume of data storage needed for businesses or organizations.  If you are running a non-profit, then let the makers of a paid data backup service know.  Oftentimes, you can get a discounted rate for that or you can at least get some tax credit.

Determining Computer Time

Many free data backup programs offer a thirty day trail run.  However, that doesn’t mean you can use the program as often as you like for a month.  Computer programs judge days differently than people do.  We are used to a day being twenty-four hours.  For a computer program, a "day" is the time you log on and log off of the program.  You may sign up for a free data backup program thirty day trial to discover that it only works for two weeks.


For the most part, hopping from one thirty trial to another winds up not being a bargain.  You have to pay close attention to where the data is actually being stored.  Is it being stored on your computer for you to make storage discs or is the data being stored on a website?  If it's being stored on a website, then you're out of luck when the trial is up.  Yo will have to take all of your data with you when you go for another free data backup program trail offer.


The advantages are in free data backup programs that move your files to discs or store the data on your computer.  This way, you get to use technical support.  You can also see how well their customer service works without having to pay for it.  In this way you don’t have to marry any particular program.  But often, it's much easier to just pay for such a program rather than having to learn another program every two weeks.


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