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Dell published a white paper that offers the Top Ten Things you need to know about online data backup. Here's the list. For the whole story,

10: Data is more valuable than what it is stored on
9: Russian roulette is not a good model for backup procedures
8: Backup and recovery are key to regulatory compliance
7: The cost of downtime is high for large field organizations
6: Distributed organizations are prime data loss candidates
5: The proliferation of laptops has put more organizations at risk
4: Online backup is now available on-demand via the Internet
3: Data security and peace of mind are affordable
2: You can try online backup before you buy
1: Trust your data backup to a leading on-demand desktop management services provider

Here's a link to the full report: Top Ten Things You Need to Know About Online Data Backup

Here are a couple of consumer-oriented online backup services:
  1. Mozy
  2. Carbonite


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    Good to know! We'll check it out.

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