The majority of us know that we should be backing up our data. If you've never experienced a hard drive failure or complete PC crash then consider yourself lucky, and recognize that there's never been a better moment then this one right here to get started backing up your important files, folders and multimedia data.

There are a few things you need to consider before choosing a method to backup your data. Knowing what you want backed up, remembering to keep it simple and do your home work are just a few of the items you need to keep in mind when making your decision.

What Data and Files Need to be Backed Up

Now just before you take off to purchase the latest and greatest backup software or service take a minute to determine exactly what it is you need backed up.Some of the software programs for backup are designed to specifically create a whole system backup, however this is probably more then the average PC user really needs.

The majority of home PC users need their photos, videos, and Documents backed up but can skip all the system stuff. This is just a bit to technical to get into for the average computer user.

Go for Simple not Feature Rich

More features in a piece of backup software or online service doesn't automatically make that service or program better.Trust me when I tell you to avoid buying a service or program that is very feature rich. Get the features you need but to many features slows down the backup process, this will in turn make it difficult for you to stick to a regular backup routine.

Rather, look for an easy to use program that can be setup and then allowed to run on a schedule. This is the simplest way for home users to keep data up to date.Two good services to consider are Mozy Backup and Carbonite online Backup.

Research Before you Buy

Before you swipe the credit card or decide on how you're going to backup your data take a bit of time look for online backup reviews.This is a good way to ensure that the service or software you're about to spend money on is as good a program as it suggests it is.

Spending just a bit of time before you buy can save you hours of time and data if you ever have to restore files. Ensure that the program backs up files properly and also is easy to restore files.


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