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How to Be a Geek Goddess, if you subscribe to Windows Secrets --
The days of technology being a male-only domain are long gone. From the boardrooms of big-name software vendors to the skunk works of Silicon Valley startups, women bring a unique—and valuable—sensibility to the geekosphere. The solid, down-to-earth information about PC hardware and software that Christina Tynan-Wood provides in this two chapter exerpt of How to Be a Geek Goddess will be welcomed by anyone who relies on technology in his or her personal or professional life. And that's regardless of whether you're inclined to stop and ask for directions when you're lost, or you'd rather just drive around aimlessly until your destination miraculously appears.
It's a good read -- 63 pages of information on how to choose a computer, what to buy, how to set it up, etc.

Download it today! (There are free and paid versions of the newsletter. Both get the free excerpt of the book.)


  1. Christina // 6:08 AM  

    Thanks Bill!

  2. billspaced // 7:57 AM  

    Absolutely! It looks like a great book. If you have any promotional materials, I'd love to share it on my sites (this one and at least two others).

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