Fix Your Registry to Boost Speed

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Whatever activities you do in your computer, it is recorded and logged in a database of your computer called the registry. All the IMPORTANT logs that your operating system needs to operate properly are also stored in the registry.

Imagine doing several activities on your computer everyday that your registry keeps getting bigger and bigger storing all the unnecessary data that DOES NOT have to be there unless you want every single thing to be logged.

The bigger the database gets with unwanted junk, the more slower your PC gets because the operating system has to go through all that pile of junk looking for the registry files that it actually needs. The easiest most viable solution is to simple clean up your registry once in a while from all the crappy unwanted junk and arrange all those important registry files in one location so that your computer performs more smoothly and much faster since the database is now smaller and all the important files are located in order in one place.

This is where registry cleaners come in. Registry cleaning program can go a very long way in fixing up your registry database from all that unwanted registry junk, rearranging the important files in proper priority and also storing a back up of all fixes in case something went wrong with the fix. Nothing usually goes wrong, but safety is always part of being professional.

All you simply have to do is download a registry cleaner and click scan. It brushes through the entire database looking for unwanted stack of registry clogging up your database. It finds all the errors and asks what files you need to remove. I usually trust my cleaner so I instruct it to fix the necessary ones. A good registry cleaner also comes with defragmenting software that rearranges the registry, compact them and tightens them for smoother and faster access by Windows operating system.

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    I also found a free registry defrag from Auslogics to be very good. Can't remember the link now, but look it up on the internet.

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