The question in computing has become, "Does computer portability really matter or is it more important to have a powerful workhorse computer that allows you to fit every piece of software and save as many files as possible on your computing device?" Another issue may be whether the smaller sizes are more useful or if the light-weight portability is the chief issue. I think the accessibility of different types of laptops in today's day and age lets us really personalize our computers into something that works for everyone and doesn't always have to be generic for all.

The announcement of the state of the art macbookair by Apple has really given us a choice with the size and what kind of mobile computing device we haul around with us everyday. At less than 3 pounds and wafer thin, we don't have to strain our shoulders every time we walk to school. It has a 13 inch LCD screen and a normal keyboard. Tell me where I can get it today! This is the very feature I have been calling for.

When I first observed the commercial for the MacBook Air with a slim, easy to carry computer coming out of that envelope, I was just in awe. Now, that's the choice I've been searching for. Now it doesn't have to be an act of God to take my laptop with me any longer! No extra bag that can weigh almost as much as the laptop, no more heavy lifting, no longer taking up so much extra room! What a phenomenon!

The age old question of whether size is relevant is in front of us now and my answer, when it comes to a miniature portable notebook computer is a booming, "yes, Yes, YES!" Size does matter and so does weight. For me and my mobile computer smaller is certainly better.


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