Second-hand, second user and used computers are what you would expect in that they have had a previous owner. They are only a fraction of their cost that they were only a year or two when they were sold on the market. Used computers are a great way to obtain a very good PC at a low price. Please note:  I did not use the term "top spec computer." Let's be realistic, you are not going to get a top-spec computer at a used price, OK. This spec machine delivers best service at best price.

As a note to people buying their first computers, used Macintosh computers are great choices for beginners.

Reputable online dealers use experienced and certified technicians to restore used Macintosh computers to perfect operating condition by thoroughly inspecting, repairing and/or cleaning. There is a money back guarantee and unless they work properly you can get back your money. The period of this warranty is 30 days, a good enough time. Many branded second-hand computers can come with a 3, 6 or even 12-month warranty, so check around.

A lot of people mistakingly believe used computers require additional work. That's definitely not the case. It's not unusual to note that many mechanical components, usually including keyboards and mice, are new or refurbished replacement parts. Often you'll find that buying a new PC is not more cost effective than replacing used computers. Bear that in mind.

Prices on used computers are extremely tempting and as I said before, are widely available online. So many are available because companies frequently upgrade leased computers after only a year or two. So these like new computers become available. If one has to be a careful spender and plans to follow his /her budget then this situation is quite good, rather great for him/her.

Buying used Macintosh computers from a shop isn't usually recommended, not only because is it difficult to find a reputable dealer, but also because a good warranty isn't offered and the computer may not have been checked to find out if it works properly. Similarly, I'd give the personal ads a miss too as you won't get any warranty at all. I have been encouraging you to use online dealers due to these reasons. They have a system in place to deal with the inspection, repair and cleaning of used computers as well as being able to offer you a warranty.

If you're aren't provided with some type of guarantee, find another place on the web. Oh yes, and check what you are buying. Read the small print and find out whether you are getting a monitor or not and whether you have Windows installed. It sometimes isn't the case, so check!


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