Computer Repair, What are Your Options

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When  it comes to computer repair you have many different options. The one most commonly chosen is going with a big box store like the geek Squad.  While at first this may seem like a good option here are a few things you may not know.

Places like the Geek Squad do not require certifications or pre-training.  You would think thye would require this for all of their computer repair tecks but that is not the case.  The field agents that come out to your home are suposed to be certified but having worked there myself I can tell you this is not true.  The other download side is the cost. While the in store service is reasonable in price having a tech come out to your house will costs you a few hundred bucks just to have them show up.  This cost is very outrageous.

A better way to go is going with a smaller local company.  Looking online or in your phone book you will find many smaller shops.  Their prices will be better and you have the advantage of being able to speak with the same person who repaired your computer in the first place.This is one of the better ways to go.

Your third option which is even better is one that most people do not even know about.  Hiring a US based company to repair your computer online.  Things like virus and spyware removal, networking and all those other blue screen errors can be resolved right online.  For instance this Computer Repair site can remote into your computer and reslove just about any issue.  Best part is they do it right away.  No waiting days for a personal tech or hauling your computer across town just to wait a week for the repair.  By going this route you will save some major green on your computer repair job.  These guys also feature a no fix no fee policy.  This means if they can not fix it for any reason you do not pay a cent.  It's worth bookmarking because some day you will need to use them.


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