50 Gigbytes of FREE online storage!

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Here's the best deal I've seen yet on online storage -- 50 GB of storage, online, FREE.

I just signed up for the beta of ADrive - Online Storage & Backup. It's worth a shot. I wouldn't put any critically important files up there for now, until I had a chance to see it work for a while. But I believe that online storage is a crucial part of anybody's backup plan.


  1. Anonymous // 4:23 AM  

    Wow, thanks for this!

  2. Anonymous // 4:26 AM  

    Thanks for this - 50Gbs for free! That is amazing but you hvae to give them your telephone number which I don't really like!

  3. billspaced // 9:43 AM  

    Yeah, isn't that cool? Thanks for stopping by!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' // 11:51 PM  

    wow, i didn't know this, i might just have to check it out thanks!


  5. billspaced // 5:45 AM  

    @ tech guy:

    Try Grand Central (another google property) for a free phone number that rings whatever #s you want it to.

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