Bleeping Computer!

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I ran across Bleeping Computer when I was searching for a solution to a problem a family member was having with his PC -- something called VirusProtect Pro, a piece of malware that, ingeniously I might add, runs in your taskbar and alerts you to all sorts of "bad things" going on in your computer and then tells you how to get rid of them -- by buying their software.

Kinda like the cure to kidnapping -- ransom.

Not only is there a list of complete instructions for removing the crapware, but there is a link to automated tools to rid yourself of it without manually modifying your registry. Very nice.

So, I looked at the overall site, and it's wonderful. It offers lots of good information, and better yet, solutions to common and not-so-common problems.

Check it out!

Links to VirusProtect Pro fixes.


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