John C Dvorak -- The Google Ploy

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Google's promise to light up municipal Wi-Fi in Mountain View, California has been kept. John C Dvorak illuminates the underlying issues and possible ramifications in the article at the Jump.

By the way, google is offering this service free of charge. Sure, it is an ad-supported service, but this may be a win-win for google and its customers, in that google could serve up ads specific to Mountain View and its surrounding areas, simply by virtue of knowing where its customers are. (Sound a little like Big Brother? Is the "don't be evil" company turning to the dark side? I doubt it, but anybody can be bought.)

The remarkable thing about google's implementation is that it only cost them $1 million. That's nothing for these guys. They could certainly begin to offer VOIP, video, photo, and other services and cut out the telcos and cable companies.


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