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The new economy has created a new term - "peeracy" - a combination of "piracy" and "peer" as in Peer to Peer networking.

It seems that one has committed an act of "peeracy" if one has used KaZaA (or any other P2P networking application) to download (or, presumably, upload) copyrighted material...

More to follow, as the story I read this in claims that many of the accused "peerates" (that is my word - I don't think it'll stick though) have been wrongly accused. This is due to the fact that they indeed never downloaded any copyrighted material. Apparently, there is something "wrong" with P2P software, such that it identified the wrong parties.

Read the full story here. Keep in mind the source, however, when drawing any conclusions. This is, after all, the "Inquirer."


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